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In the last 4 months, 50% of those who signed up for the program entered dream jobs in high-tech

With the best conditions offered in the job market!

The secret that many do not know

The high-tech world contains many professions. Not every position in high-tech has to do with programming.

There are a wide variety of suitable positions waiting for the right person to take charge and earn the conditions and salary that we hear about in the media and press.

Haviv Maman

Joined PayPal

Dana Yahav

Joined Systematics 

Ron Netach

Joined Candex

Or Ohana

Joined LiveDNS

Gal Rosenblum

Joined MyHeritage

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Why sales?

No company can succeed without a top-notch sales team to spearhead the company’s marketing. 

High-tech companies realized that it doesn’t matter how good the product is. The key to success is for the sales team to expose and explain the product and work towards finding the appropriate solution for the customers. 

With all due respect to digital, our world is a real world! In the real world, digital exposure alone is not enough. Companies realized this a long time ago and it’s important that you also know that they are looking for salespeople just like they are looking for programmers.

Your experience can be leveraged into the most sought-after field in the country! The most profitable field with the best conditions!

The time has come for you to be a sales star in the high-tech world!

What you’ll get

Our workshop is designed to turn anyone with an affinity for sales into a heavyweight champion in the field of high-tech sales!

The secrets to your success

Live weekly Master Mind

Every week we will go live where you will receive the most practical tools for working in the world of high-tech sales. We will study the field, how to breeze through job interviews, and land the job.

Content and updated course

The advanced course system we developed is available to you 24/7 with all the content, including tests, downloadable materials, and questions that can be asked and answered on any subject.

Hungry community

A community of people hungry for success! Hungry to join the profitable, rewarding, and super indulgent high-tech world. A community that pushes for success until everyone achieves their goals.

Course requirements

Good English – mother tongue not required

A desire to learn and develop

Knowledge of Excel 

A desire to enter a fascinating and profitable world

What will we learn together?

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The full workshop

One-year process!
1225 Per month for 12 months
  • Weekly Live Master Mind
  • Video content and explanations
  • Study aids and material
  • Questions and answers in a dedicated system
  • Exposure to the best jobs
  • Help in getting placed
Good luck!

Or one payment of 14700 NIS including VAT

?Why should I learn from you

Nice to meet you, Shahar Pergamenikow

Shahar has been working in the industry since 2013. He is well-known in the world of ad tech (the high-tech advertising industry) and global advertising having built extensive relationships with global companies from India to the USA.

He has met the goals of millions of dollars a year and earned huge salaries in every company he has worked for, including independent ventures.

During his career, Shahar trained over 400 salespeople in the ad tech industry, including over 2000 salespeople to date in all his years of experience in sales over 17 years.

Shahar worked in many key positions –  Business Development Manager, Sales Development Manager, Media Buyer, Account Executive, and Account Manager.

Throughout his career, he has participated in all international conferences – Affiliate World Expo, Affiliate Summit, IGB Affiliates – 

in Las Vegas, New York, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cyprus, and Thailand.

Each conference is strategic and has a potential for sales.

In addition, Shahar is a LinkedIn influencer with tens of thousands of followers, who uploads content daily, with an emphasis on surveys.

He’s an opinion leader in all major high-tech communities –  xxx (Facebook), Linkers (LinkedIn), xxx (LinkedIn)

שחר פרגמניקוב

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