Guiding ad-tech organizations to increase sales at physical conferences through the “[Method Name]” method

Among My Clients

After 11 years in the ad tech industry, I found a critical success factor in

Every conference holds a tremendous opportunity for your organization. However, from my experience as a Sales Manager in the ad tech industry, Most tech companies today do not utilize even a tenth of the potential at each conference.
On one hand, every conference costs the organization tens of thousands of dollars.
On the other hand, if we look at physical conferences as an investment, we will find that most high-tech companies do not even recoup the investment at the conference itself.
Every conference has thousands of participants, almost every one of them is a potential client for your organization.
However, most employees who attend the conference fill their schedules with 10… 15 pre-scheduled meetings, thereby closing the option to generate dozens of new clients.

From my experience over the last 11 years in the ad tech industry, there’s a new way:

You can arrive at the conference with an “empty” schedule and return to Israel with new clients worth tens of thousands of dollars. You can create a competitive advantage and increase market share through physical conferences. You can turn every physical conference into a profitable business opportunity for your organization.

I’m not just talking about money; although every conference holds the opportunity to meet hundreds of new clients, There are additional advantages such as conducting SWOT analysis, competitor research, and even team bonding which creates a more effective work environment. Yes, this works even now, during a global recession. This is what I did when I was Media buyer at Affiliate summit in 2015 and also as Head Of Media – 4 years later [Conference Photos] Year after year, I built myself a system, checklist – YOU NAME IT. Which makes the entire sales process from a month before the conference, until two weeks after the conference, simple, easy, and convenient.

My mission for 2025

guide 7 high-tech companies during the conference and help them create a competitive advantage in the market by closing new clients at the conferences your organization is already registered for.”